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Oh No! DHTML Lemmings!


There was this really simply yet fiendishly addictive game in the early 1990's called Lemmings. The premise was simple - stop a bunch of lemmings from killing themselves (falling off cliffs, drowing, walking into dangerous objects, etc) by instructing other ones to do specific tasks - build bridges, stop others, etc. It was a remarkably fun game to play and I wasted way too many hours playing it as a teenager. Now, with computers 100x faster and with fancier colors, someone has rewritten the game in HTML code!!! Those freaky geeks! Go have fun.

Opera web browser free offer!


If you have a chance to do so, go to Opera's registration page and you can get a free registration code that lasts forever. This will let you run their web browser without dealing with any silly advertisements. They're doing this wonderful offer as part of their ten year anniversary, so kudos to them!

HostMySite are awesome!


I don't actually have our domain with the company Host My Site but I am constantly reminded how awesome they are. They must be one of the most reliable and helpful web hosting companies out there with 24x7 techn support where the geeks are always eager to please - unlike many other companies they have the goods to back up their enthusiasm! I've been looking for backup MX services (backup email) for work and while they don't have a formal package worked out for it, they're going to get back to me in a few days with an offer. Neat-o!

Sajax makes Ajax easy!


The pseudo-standard "AJAX", which is just a buzzword for Javascript + XML (which was done for years without the fancy name) is a bit tricky at times. For most simple needs, though, the Sajax API makes life extremely easy, especially if you use multiple languages (PHP, Python, ColdFusion, etc). Well worth learning, it makes life just so easy!


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