Three positive things, day forty five


That was the end of a busy week.

The first positive thing was ended my work week on a high note, though you won't get to see the fruits of the labor for a little while.

The second positive thing was the whole family going for a post-dinner walk to a book store. We parked our car in one parking lot and walked along a trail half a mile to the book store, then back again. At the store we found Sandra Boynton's newest book, Spookie Pookie, which AFAIK is her first Halloween-themed book. And yes, it's another great one :)

The third positive thing was picking up Eddie Vedder's Ukulele Songs album, which will be a kind-of long-term goal for my personal journey learning the instrument.

Three positive things, day fourteen


(this should have been posted last night)

Another short one today.

The first positive thing was hearing from an old friend. We didn't get to chat for long, because I had to have dinner and leave for a class, but we'll chat more again soon.

The second positive thing was attending my first ukulele class with the extremely talented, and patient, Stuart Fuchs. He had a six week freebie class at the local library during June and the start of July, this was the first full class and it went rather well. Stuart is a great teacher and I look forward to future classes.

The final positive thing was updating a client's website to the latest PHP. It was a bit of a juggle to get it all working, and it felt at one point like I had thrown the oranges into the air but nothing was coming down again, but it all worked in the end. And the odd part was that it didn't work when I tried it the previous night. I dunno, but it's working now.


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