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Social networking tidy-up


As promised my my "Goals and plans for 2013" post, I started doing some cleanup on my social networking. I'd actually started this in late November (2012) but didn't finish it, so I'm doing so now. This morning I changed all of the pages I'd "liked" on Facebook to not show updates in my timeline. More importantly, though, I un-friended 41 people on Facebook that I have other ways of communicating with; if you happen to be one of those 41 people please know that it wasn't because I don't appreciate our friendship, it's simply that I'm changing my Facebook usage to be a way of contacting my extended family and friends in Ireland.

GitHub's importance cannot be understated


From people understanding its appeal in comparison to alternative (and aging) tools, to the continued en-masse migration of OSS projects over there (Tracks, mootools, Apple's brand spanking new sponsored sproutcore, etc), to the sheer joy of being able to easily contribute to your favorite projects, to even more people realizing its importance, GitHub has reinvigorated the OSS development world like nothing else in the past almost ten years, I think you'd have to go back to the original SourceForge launch to find something of equal importance. So if you haven't started at least learning how to use git and Github you owe yourself a few hours to do so, even if you're using Windows. Go on! Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!

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