-13'F at 1:30am - ccccccold!


This is one of the coldest nights we've has since we moved back to Keene, NH in 2011, with Accuweather saying the current temperature is -13'F. Thankfully, between the wood stove and the insulation we installed this Fall, the living room is at 71'F as I'm hitting the hay. I'll have to check it in a few hours, but it should hold the heat for a few hours.



My cake from Carlo's Bakery was identified as being male, due to the dangling appendages on one side. Between that and my nose being smacked by Kian, it was quite a day ;-)

Bad pot


(Bad pun)
We bought this cast iron pot / Dutch oven a few days ago. Since then we've used it twice where we fill it with water and leave it on our wood stove so it puts some moisture into the air. Think of it as a multi-purpose humidifier. Anyway, after one use it started rusting a bit, after two uses the entire bottom of the pot looks destroyed. Is this normal?


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