My brother got engaged!


A huge round of congratulations are due to my brother who just yesterday asked his girlfriend to stick around for a little while, permanently in fact.

Congrats PJ & Fiona!

Happy Birthday Liam!


IMG_6300.jpgA year today! What an amazing year. What a busy year. Where has it gone? Congrats on reaching the big 1.0, Liam, may you have an even better 2.0!

Smart children


Just over a week ago we were searching around the garage sales near home and we found some gems - a two drawer filing cabinet for $5, a bike extension for $7 (it brackets to an adult's bike turning it into a tandem), and a midi keyboard for $2. Well, the keyboard didn't com with a power cord and the battery cover was missing so when we got it home I just left it aside to be dealt with another day. A few short hours later our four-year-old picked it up, placed it on the computer desk, unplugged the computer's speakers, then plugged in the keyboard, turned it on and started jamming away, all on his own. So we're a) going to learn the piano/keyboard together, b) give him an electronics book for his 5th birthday.

Meanwhile, our almost-1-year-old decided to start walking last weekend during his (almost impromptu) early birthday party, so lots of family members got to see him finally put it all together. While he had taken a few steps before, by the end of the night he was just walking all over the place.

It's never dull in our house.

House back to normal


On the midnight of January 4th/5th our house flooded. Last Friday, March 7th, some nine weeks later, the last bit of repair work was completed. It has been two of the most frustrating months of my life, but ultimately we're coming out of it with what feels like an almost new house, which is giving us a vigor to get other parts of our lives in order. We've painted, rearranged, built a wall, done a major overhaul of the bathroom, and gotten rid of about 30 bags and boxes of stuff we no longer needed, and feel we have the space to actually live in our house again. As the old saying goes "every cloud has a silver lining" and I definitely feel that way about our year so far.

Now back to having a "normal" 2008.

Lucky to be alive, car maintenance is important!


IMG_6388.jpgMy wife took our aging 2001 Mazda Protege in to Discount Tires for what should have been a normal visit to get the wheels rotated and balanced. Well, life around here is never that simple. No sooner than she had dropped the car off and told them what was needed than one of the workers came over and wanted to show her something on the wheel. As it turned out there was a huge crack in the wheel (see left) that completely severed one of its five spokes. The employee explained that a) it couldn't be fixed, b) it needed to be replaced immediately, c) we were lucky it didn't come apart while on the highway, putting all of our lives at risk. True enough, I tend to enjoy driving on the highways so it was extremely lucky the wheel didn't explode while "keeping up with traffic" on I-4 or the '417 highway. So for now, we're using our full-size spare until we can get the moolah together to replace the broken wheel. Yikes.


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