Windows password changed?


Here's a weird situation for you. Yesterday one of my co-worker's had her PC go into locked mode (control-alt-delete then select Lock Computer) without her causing it, and when she tried to unlock it the password was different to what it had been earlier. I managed to reset her password from the server and get her in again, but its baffling me as to how this could have happened. I immediately installed Spybot Search & Destroy, did a quick update then scanned the system, during which a number of spywares were found. One in particular that I had not heard of before was called Zonemap.Ranges which turned out to be a trojan. She also had several IE plugins that were doing unknown damage, one added a web search box to her IE toolbar while others simply added more buttons on the toolbar. Given her position within the company its my constant concern that she would somehow get a key logger that would allow some git to run away with the company's bank accounts. Anyway, problem solved for the moment, and I asked her to contact me any time she sees anything strange start happening with IE again.


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