Our Portfolio - Previous Accomplishments

Interested in seeing what we have created for other companies over the years? While some of our work has been publicly accessible, much of it has been on company intranets which have simplified many business practices with user friendly yet powerful systems. With that in mind, here is a sampling of some key projects:

Scuba Diving MagazineScubaDiving.com
One of the world's most popular scuba diving magazine's website needed an expedited migration off an expensive commercial ASP.net CMS to the more flexible Drupal 6 as part of a business acquisition. In the interest of speed, the existing information architecture was re-built using Drupal's taxonomy and Views engines. Emphasis was placed on using pre-existing functionality through publicly available modules from drupal.org, with additional custom modules developed for specific requirements, including advertisement management and several for analytics management.

SkiNet - home of Ski, Skiing and Warren Miller EntertainmentSkiNet
Managing multiple audiences under roof can be very difficult, so a redesigned SkiNet, the home of two skiing-related magazines an the Warren Miller Entertainment powerhouse, was architected around Drupal 5. Using several key common modules, including Panels and Views, the site was quickly compiled and migrated off the previous proprietary Java CMS. Custom modules were built to handle customized search interfaces for several of the site's key selling points, most notably the resort finder and the ski & boot finders, which allow visitors to search through several years of reviews, sorting results by their preferred options, including maneuverability or performance for boots & skis and lodging or dining for resorts.

Major automotive parts supplierMajor automotive parts supplier
The largest Ruby on Rails / MySQL project worked on to date included elaborate management facilities for a major automative parts supplier's vast array of parts, a completely customized e-commerce solution with advanced shipment handling, and several highly specialized, heavily AJAX-based product matching systems.

Key Achievements: client-provided elaborate data structure required further enhancement to be suitable for a web application; required development of complicated AJAX-heavy pages to allow products to be matched together based on real-world experiences versus manufacturer specifications; completely dynamic data import/export system capabilities with user-based column locking; specialized shipping system built on UPS's data structure; flexible content management & dynamic slideshow system.

Winthrop ManagementWinthrop Management
Promoting the services of a major property management firm required a customized content management system tailored to their specific needs. Built to allow property managers to control their available slots the system included flexibility to cope with the company's growing needs as a leader in their field.

Key Achievements: expansion upon rough design drafts into a completed system; property editor system that could handle many dynamically added parts, involving extensive AJAX-driven controls; dynamic slideshow generator and custom content management system.

The Augustan SocietyThe Augustan Society
With a target audience that was disproportionately low in technical expertise, a custom content management and e-commerce system was built on Ruby on Rails which only required a logon for administrative functionality for the Orlando, FL-local executive committee members. Visitors could purchase from the extensive backlog of available content by simply indicating their membership status to receive the correct pricing.

Forest Hills FlooringForest Hills Flooring
Starting with a base of Drupal 5, this client required a flexible tagging system to structure the product base.

The first Drupal site launched to market by Mc-Kenna.com, this site extensively used the customizable menu structure and media types to build a rich catalog of available services for one of Central Florida's most vibrant media equipment providers.

The Limu CompanyThe Limu Company
With goals of both attractiveness and standards compliance, this company's main was an achievement. Partnering with a marketing firm to create the design and structure that stemmed from a revitalization of the company's previous content, we had the job of creating a management system to match the site's content for quality. While simpler in some ways than previous iterations (the decision was made to not allow for internationalization with this design), this site made use of advancements in the newer Fusebox 5 over the site's previous Fusebox 3 base, including a more fluid layout and more intuitive code base. Completed in full XHTML and CSS compliance based around a ColdFusion MX engine accessing a MS SQL Server 2000 database, and with an intranet content management system to match, this site will keep The Limu Company going for some time. Also included a membership enrollment form widely regarded to be the best in the direct-sales industry.

GenesiGenesi USA
Being an international company, and attempting to break into the lucrative OEM market with their custom designed hardware and operating system, Genesi required a content management system that could cope with their immediate needs and future expansion goals. A completely template driven system was created which featured an online store with electronic software deployments, and supported internationalization, data caching, and many other regular content features. The system was developed using PHP, Smarty and MySQL and designed to suit their aging HTML4-compatible browsers, while still functioning perfectly with contemporary, mainstream browsers.

Florida Employer SolutionsFlorida Employer Solutions
This local business services company required maintenance to their site, and a content management system to manage press releases and other notices. Along with this Additionally they provided an avenue to other development and systems administration projects.

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