Three positive things, day fifty six (catching up)

(Posting a few days late)

Today was Tuesday so that meant..

The first positive thing was my weekly ukulele class. Yes, it was fun, yes, I learned some new things, yes, I need to practice more :)

The second positive thing was that my burns from the weekend are healing, and we used it as a learning exercise for the kids - i.e. always wear sunblock, otherwise you end up looking like Daddy.

The third positive thing was deciding what my first tune would be to each Aidan and Liam to play the ukulele. More on that later.


Met some new friends

Today I met some new friends. One of them, Carlos, is a Red Brahma / Red Holstein cross that's so large their measuring tape is to small and they need to get a new one, which meant he weighs at least 2,500lbs; his back was up to the top of my head, which is larger than any bovine I've ever met before. Crazy. Even when we met Carlos' brother, who's about 1,000lbs lighter, he couldn't stay away. Jealous Carlos is jealous.

Contrib update for early September (updated)

So after several months' of work last week I finally got new releases out for the Twitter module. And then this morning released more updates because a few bugs had snook their way in. Sorry about that. I do hope the new versions will keep people content for a while - if you, your client or your employer's site(s) use the module, please consider giving some back (on company/client time!) through helping with the issue queue as there are still a good many feature requests and patches that need some TLC.


Three positive things, day fifty five

Hello Monday!

The first positive thing was taking our car in because the TPMS was giving warnings when driving on highways, only for them to say that it looked like it was misfiring from the tires being soft. Fingers crossed.

The second positive thing was doing some more Drupal training with #awesomewife. She's slowly but surely improving the content for her site, and started having our kids help with it.


Three positive things, day fifty three

We had a pretty good Saturday.

The first positive thing was Kian running over to me and saying "Daddy, I have a neen na-neen!" - I have a green dragon. While we haven't been pushing him to learn colors, it's neat that he's picking them up on his own.

The second positive thing was getting a really great picture from #awesomewife of all three kids together, with all three of them smiling and not pulling silly faces :) I've set it up as my laptop's desktop pic and will probably see about framing it, it's that good!


That's not a spider over your head, it's a... kitten!

My #awesomewife was sitting in her chair while I was feeing Kian his nighttime snack, when she yelped and looked up. I looked over to her to see what the matter was, then followed her stare expecting to see a huge spider, only to find.. one of the kittens crawling along the curtain rail. I should mention that this is eight feet off the ground. And yes, I had to play firefighter and get the kitten down out of the tree, as he wasn't able to get down on his own. Hopefully climbing up there won't become a new plaything, because he won't be 5lbs all his life ;)

Three positive things, day fifty

So that was another Wednesday.

The first positive thing was getting to our local monthly Drupal group again. We had a nice turnout today - seven attendees (might have been eight, only I forgot to tell someone).

The second positive thing was Kian picking up two Lego Duplo cows and saying "two cow"! Not "I have cows", specifically "two cows" :-) I thought that was pretty cool.

The third positive thing was... this is the fiftieth post in this series! Woohoo! Lets roll on to 100!



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