Samsung BlackJack or Blackberry Pearl? (UPDATED)

Any recommendation on which of the above phone to get? Our current carrier has them pretty cheap as refubs (I could get one for free by moving carrier, but that itself is complicated) and they're both tempting. The requirements I have are:

  • camera higher than VGA, preferably 2mp or more
  • PDA functionality - calendar, tasks, etc,
  • MP3 playback
  • Video playback of some sort

Things I don't need are:

  • Exclusive music or video deals - I'll supply my own, thanks.
  • 3G service, again the fancy stuff will copied over via USB first, I can cope with that.
  • Email - see above.

They'll both be set up to sync with our Mac at home, and thankfully there's lots of great software to do that, all of which seems to be written by MarkSpace.

So has anyone tried these, and if so which did you prefer?

UPDATE: They've sold out of the Blackjack. :-(

List bullet colors, a CSS annoyance


Something I've been asked to do several times over my career is to have a list in HTML with the bullet show up as a different color to the text. Unfortunatley the HTML & CSS standards don't allow this without some shoe-horning. You basically have two options:

  • Use an image
  • Set the color on the list that you want the bullets to be, then add another element within the LI (list item) that contains all the content and set its color to what the text should be.

The problem with the first option is that you have a separate file to download, the problem with the second is that you have to add erroneous tags for something that IMHO should be part of the standard.

phpBB3 is almost here


phpBB, the open-source PHP forum application that seems to be responsible for more server security breaches than anything else, has hit a major milestone with the first release candidate of the forthcoming v3.0 release. In the v3 new features / improvements list it is good to see that security is highlighted as a core aspect of the improved version, so here's hoping it can get back its history as a running joke with web developers.

Tip: Moving RedMine to another server, don't forget the files


This past week I moved an install of RedMine from one server to another, or rather I just moved the database over and checked out the SVN code again. After getting it going correctly I promptly forgot about the fact it was at a new location and just worked away on my assigned tasks. Well, as it turns out I'd completely forgotten about the uploaded files, which now wouldn't download anymore. The problem was that I forgot to verify where the attached files were stored, and it turned out to be in "files" directory, so now I have to manually copy those few files over and all will be well.


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