Three positive things, day two


So, as part of my "Three Positive Things" self therapy, here's my list for today.

Firstly, I applied my patent-pending "Australia" technique to turn an grumpy & fussing li'l monster into a giggling toddler - I held him upside-down :-) While this technique may not work for very long - he's likely to outgrow it - it works rather well at the moment.

Secondly, I had a ukulele class with our eldest, a friend, and a really cool teacher. But no, my dog doesn't have any fleas, despite the teacher's insistence that he does. ;-)

Thirdly, I got to take care of the kittens - dose them for their eye thingy and give them their supper. Oh, and pets. :)

Three positive things, day one


You might not know it, but I have a bit of a negative personality - I have a tendency of pointing out negative things about something rather than start with praising the positive. While it may not seem like a huge deal, when this is my automatic reaction, and because I still haven't worked my way out of the habit, my wife asked me to try something to change it. She suggested that I keep a small journal where I record three positive things that happened to me today, that by writing about and focusing on positive things I'll start becoming more positive and, hopefully, in theory, turn my reflex action around. So here goes.

The first positive thing today was discovering that our eldest had cooked much of our breakfast. This was awesome for two reasons - it was a notch on his belt for both responsibility in the kitchen, and for improving his culinary skills, and it allowed time for my wife to do other things while he was tending to breakfast.

The second positive thing today was our family time after dinner, including another Space Munchkin game with our two eldest while my wife and I traded off reading Sandra Boynton books to our youngest, which was fun.

The last positive thing was being asked by a respected member of the Drupal community if I'd like to become a project applications admin. This is quite the honor.

More tomorrow!


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