Giving a short talk


On Tuesday the 12th I agreed to embarass myself in front of a group of people for my art. I'm giving a quick talk on Fusebox a web development code framework I've mentioned before. It's going to be short and hopefully not too boring.

GMail accounts

If anyone would like their own GMail account just let me know, I have fifty invites waiting to be used.

For those who don't know, GMail is Google's free email service, just like Hotmail, etc. Its a really nice email system, very simple with some great little things, like when you're typing an address in the To line it shows you suggestions as you type. Another benefit is that you currently get a HUGE amount of space for your email, 1.5gigabytes in total, which is more than even I have, and I've got a lot of email going back to 1998.

Fusebox 4 is awesome!


I've been reading a book on the web development code framework Fusebox 4 and it is finally clicking.

Fusebox is a code framework that helps you break your projects into small components, allowing you to work on each piece of the puzzle at a time. You break down the project, define what each portion needs to do then have a definite roadmap on how to do so. Beyond that it just has a few guidelines on how to keep each component separate but doesn't force you to work a specific way - you can write it all procedurally, use MFC, or do it all in ColdFusion Components (for people using ColdFusion).

There are a few really great aspects to it, beyond simply breaking up a puzzle into separate pieces. For a start knowing how to work with it means that you'll be able to jump into maintaining an existing project a lot easier than without it. It is also a fairly standard framework and is used a great deal in web development work. Though originally designed for ColdFusion the latest version (4.1) is also available for PHP, the other web language I use; this lets you use the same solid framework with multiple languages, making your work decidedly easier when you need to.

One of the things I really like about Fusebox is that at my last job I wrote a framework myself that was extremely similar. My framework was probably 60% the same, with enough time it probably would have gotten closer to 80% or more. As a result of this once I got over the initial learning curve working with it has come naturally to me given that it works the way I feel these kinds of things should do.


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