Custom made t-shirts, mugs, you name it!


There's a company out there that lets you sell everything from clothes to postcards to posters to mugs and mouse-mats with a picture of your choice. All you have to do is upload a picture to them, say which products you want and how much mark-up, and they'll do all of the hard work. And the cost to you? Zilch! Zero! Nothing! What's more, once a month they send you a check with your portion of the income, e.g. if the base price on something is $10 and you sell it for $12 they'll send you $2 for each sale! Pretty awesome if you ask me.

One nice thing for security-conscious folks is that they have an option when you are setting up your shop to make it private, which hides it from website search engines and directories - not completely secure but not too bad either.

I finished Luxor!

Over the past several weeks Jen and I have been playing a came called Luxor after being introduced to it by Jen's sister. Its a really fun puzzle game where you have to match up spheres before they reach your temple.. blah blah. It starts off pretty slow and an average computer user (someone who's pretty good with the mouse) could get fairly far with it with a little patience. Some of the later levels, however, are a real pain, some of them I had to re-do six or eight times, but in the end I manage to finish it, with Jen's help. Oddly enough I kinda found the very last level easier than one or two of the others, but between good luck, good timing and Jen calling "green, left" at appropriate times, I was able to get through it on my third try. Yeehaw!

I just made my first RSS feed :-)


I just made my first RSS feed for the site at work, and it didn't take long at all. What does that mean in plain English? You know how most websites have some sort of a news feed, either a page listing news items which you can read more, or maybe a weblog like this. Anyway, an RSS feed is a special way of presenting that news so that modern web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera) and stand-alone programs can read it, making it even easier to keep up-to-date with your favorite news. Furthermore there are marketing aspects whereby other sites can show your news on their site, syndicating it as it were. It is this last aspect that I plan on pushing at work, once I get some time to do some planning on it.

Disney goes online


We're not into the insanely syrupy (cavity-creating, brain-numbing) sweetness that is the modern Disney, but in case you need your daily dose they have released a free online game you can play with people around the world.

For those of you who might be curious about such things, this is the same type of game as those Dungeons-n-Dragons games only with a slightly different story line, and less ogres, so its still as evil, naughty and utterly demon-worshipping as the rest of them.



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