Opera web browser free offer!


If you have a chance to do so, go to Opera's registration page and you can get a free registration code that lasts forever. This will let you run their web browser without dealing with any silly advertisements. They're doing this wonderful offer as part of their ten year anniversary, so kudos to them!

Why Intel sucks, edition 83


A thorough explanation of why Intel are such a poor company today. The funny thing that I see a parallel between their technological demise and that of Star Trek over the years, with how Star Trek turned from being a fairly good and thought provoking show into a stupid sit-com that could do nothing but repeat older stories over and over again, usually using kludges like time travel.

More Google fun


Yet more Google fun and festivities. If you're into this kinda thing they've got what they call Google Desktop, a mini search engine for your personal documents. You can use it to search for documents, images, web pages you've viewed, email, etc, and it works with Outlook, Thunderbird, Firefox and a whole host of other programs. Traditionally it worked as a window that hovered around your screen but the new version 2 includes what's called a "sidebar", a window that fits on the side of the screen to show you a variety of information. The sidebar can show you web page news, stock prices, weather, email and more. Two really cool features are a Photos plugin that cycles through your pictures, and a status display for Google Talk to make using their new chat program even easier. To make life even better, they have an enhanced version designed for use in businesses called Google Desktop Enterprise that lets you set it up for everyone to use in your corporate network and centrally control their preferences. Very nice indeed.

Google Talk, further comments


A few other quick things about Google Talk.

  • Firstly the program only uses about 2mb of memory while loaded, very little in comparison to most chat programs.
  • Secondly you can use GoogleTalk (GTalk?) using either Gaim or Trillian Pro (not the free Trillian Basic) so you don't even have to install Google's software if you don't want.
  • To actually use Google Talk you need to have a GMail account, let me know if you don't have one and I'll send you an invitation.
  • Once you get on you can get me at damien.mckenna@gmail.com.


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