Leopard's smbfs crashes the en...

Leopard's smbfs crashes the entire system when I try to mount shares off my new NAS drive. Bummer.

Weird problem with Control.Tabs and IE


Control.Tabs is a simply wonderful JavaScript extension for the Prototype library. In one project I'm using in multiple places and it fits the requirements perfectly. There is, however, a weird problem with one page with IE where instead of displaying the form like this:


I've posted this with a solution on my employer's blog:

Had lots of fun at ORUG, prese...

Had lots of fun at ORUG, presentation went well, will have to brainstorm for another one :)

On cup #2 of hot honey + lemon...

On cup #2 of hot honey + lemon, looking forward to preparing the presentation for ORUG tonight.. and buying decongestants.


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