Google's new IM program


Google has just released an online chat program, dubbed Google Talk, that has three noteworthy features:

  • The program is tiny, the installer is only 900kb whereas most chat programs these days run 10mb or more. This means that even modem users could download it quickly.
  • It has built in support for doing voice "calls" to other users, you just need a microphone.
  • Its based on open standards so it can easily work with other chat programs, and in fact they even explain how to use many existing chat programs to work with their service!

Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

I'm a tech hog


Today at work the network started behaving very oddly. We didn't have any network management (SNMP) tools on hand so I figured I'd boot up the Linux boot disc I had to use its tools, except that it doesn't have any as standard.

At that point I decided that it would be worth while installing it straight onto a spare machine (one of the old machines we're replacing, a tiny HP e-PC) and download the tools I'd need afterwards. Well, as part of doing that I also needed to set up some extra power outlets on my cube so with the help of my manager I've now wired it up so I have eighteen outlets under my desk. A little nuts, but some of them are positioned close enough for my manager to use on the cube next to me.

So connected to them I have my desktop PC with two 15" LCD screens, the older e-PC machine with another LCD, and a PowerMac G4 which I'll swap with the e-PC's screen when I need to use it. I also took the time to add another over-head cupboard to hold my books, and it had the side effect that my picture of Aidan (and wrapper from some Cadbury's chocolate) now stands out more.

I guess I'm just a tech hog.

HostMySite are awesome!


I don't actually have our domain with the company Host My Site but I am constantly reminded how awesome they are. They must be one of the most reliable and helpful web hosting companies out there with 24x7 techn support where the geeks are always eager to please - unlike many other companies they have the goods to back up their enthusiasm! I've been looking for backup MX services (backup email) for work and while they don't have a formal package worked out for it, they're going to get back to me in a few days with an offer. Neat-o!

Veritas/Symantec flooded!

Yesterday I was on the phone with the software company Veritas (recently bought by Symantec) and their phone system mentioned flooding causing technical problems thus delays. Turns out that its the major Maharashtra floods that was affecting them! Yikes!


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