Getting Windows XP-N banned?


Would this work? Microsoft have a version of Windows called Windows XP-N for sale in Europe where they were ordered to sell a version without Windows Media Player. Fairy nuff. The thing is that if you say "Windows XP-N" it sounds like "Windows ehX Pee Nee", which sounds amazingly humorous to me right now. Anyway, string the P and N together too fast and you have a childish name for a male reproductive organ... Ok, still with me? Good. Then separate the X from the P and it'll look even more naughty. Lastly, start writing lots of web pages mentioning this fact and all of a sudden you'll have Windows showing up with some very strange keywords in the search engines. The fun part then is that because of the naughty keywords it could start getting added to those web filter programs used in some schools, by some parents and many companies, and all of a sudden people won't be able to view Microsoft's Windows website anymore. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Windows Vista - *9* different versions!!


In what will be a monumentally stupid move for Microsoft in terms creating huge amounts of end user confusion, there will be no less than nine different versions of Windows Vista, the next version of Windows due in 2006. The following page has a nice table listing the different editions and what features they include, read and weep!

UPDATE: there are nine editions, not seven, and the Ultimate edition will actually include everything. That's one BIG table!

Next version of Microsoft Office previewed


In 2006 Microsoft will be releasing both a new version of Windows (dubbed "Vista") and a new version of the Office suite, version 12. Some screenshots have been leaked of the new interface of Office 12 and its... different. Shoot me now, I kinda like it. Of course I expect it to have horrendously high system requirements, just like Vista will.

It helps when I include the URL...

Oh No! DHTML Lemmings!


There was this really simply yet fiendishly addictive game in the early 1990's called Lemmings. The premise was simple - stop a bunch of lemmings from killing themselves (falling off cliffs, drowing, walking into dangerous objects, etc) by instructing other ones to do specific tasks - build bridges, stop others, etc. It was a remarkably fun game to play and I wasted way too many hours playing it as a teenager. Now, with computers 100x faster and with fancier colors, someone has rewritten the game in HTML code!!! Those freaky geeks! Go have fun.

Quicktime 7 + High Definition video is breathtaking!


Apple's newest Quicktime 7, finally released today for Windows, allows you to play high definition video files (using the video code H.264) that look simply breathtaking! If you're so inclined I recommend installing iTunes 5, which includes Quicktime 7, and then taking a look at some of these (very large files):

Apple released a beta of QT7 a few months ago and the playback quality was very choppy - even on our high-powered home PC the speed was very poor, but the final release is extremely smooth, I was able to play the space shuttle launch movie on my PC at work, and it has a relatively "slow" 1.8GHz Pentium 4.


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