Opera is now completely free


Opera Software, the maker of the third most popular web browser these days after Internet Explorer and Firefox, has announced that they are making their web browser completely free for everyone.

Nero 7.0 is awesome!


There are a whole bunch of different programs out there for burning CDs and DVDs, my favorite over the years has been Nero Burning ROM. There's a new version (v7.0) available nd I've been trying it out for a few days, and I must admit that it is simply awesome! A common complaint of older versions was that it was difficult to use, well this version has had a whole bunch of little tweaks here and there that really improve this - little things like giving you an option of making a second copy when you burn a disc really add to the usability. Along with that are a host of new features for handling media - music, movies, etc, that will greatly round off the functionality of the program meaning you'll need less software installed on your PC to do the same tasks. If you get a chance to get it, make sure you do, it'll greatly simplify your CD & DVD burning needs.

New FTP that does everything and is free!


While browsing BetaNews I came across a program I'd not seen before, Core FTP LE. Turns out that it is a completely free FTP program that seems to do just about everything you'd need! They have a "Pro" version that has some pretty nice extra features for $35, but the basic one should do most people really well!

Getting Windows XP-N banned?


Would this work? Microsoft have a version of Windows called Windows XP-N for sale in Europe where they were ordered to sell a version without Windows Media Player. Fairy nuff. The thing is that if you say "Windows XP-N" it sounds like "Windows ehX Pee Nee", which sounds amazingly humorous to me right now. Anyway, string the P and N together too fast and you have a childish name for a male reproductive organ... Ok, still with me? Good. Then separate the X from the P and it'll look even more naughty. Lastly, start writing lots of web pages mentioning this fact and all of a sudden you'll have Windows showing up with some very strange keywords in the search engines. The fun part then is that because of the naughty keywords it could start getting added to those web filter programs used in some schools, by some parents and many companies, and all of a sudden people won't be able to view Microsoft's Windows website anymore. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Windows Vista - *9* different versions!!


In what will be a monumentally stupid move for Microsoft in terms creating huge amounts of end user confusion, there will be no less than nine different versions of Windows Vista, the next version of Windows due in 2006. The following page has a nice table listing the different editions and what features they include, read and weep!

UPDATE: there are nine editions, not seven, and the Ultimate edition will actually include everything. That's one BIG table!


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