Back to normality


After several weeks of trying to do everything yet accomplishing nothing (or so it seemed), this week we've turned ourselves around and started living better, starting with a stronger separation of church and state, er, I mean work and home. We started off with a trip to the chiropractor, picked up breakfast, then spent some time painting the bedroom together. Now I'm going to work for a few hours and later will take a break away from it, then work some more - rinse, repeat. Amusingly this way we'll actually accomplish more for our day than otherwise, and this morning has so far been a lot more fun and less stressful than previously, which is exactly what it should be.

I hate spam


Just a little note to say that I hate email spam. I really do. I get about 190 of them per day, which all have to be verified as spam as my filters occasionally block something that isn't spam, maybe two or three per week. So as a result of the economics of spam (the numbers haven't changed much in six years), I have to check about 1300 message per week to ensure that I don't miss anything important. Also, this number will continue to increase year upon year, so by this time next year it'll probably be 250 or more. Just thought I'd mention it.

Lunch_fu.orlando was great


Today's lunch_fu was great, chatted with other geeks married to foreigners about being geeks married to foreigners (uh, I'm the foreigner..), Macs, and a variety of silly things. I also got to chat briefly with Ryan Price, who I've not seen in months. I'll be picky about when I get to go again, though, as unfortunately by 4pm I'd only gotten in 4 hours of billable work.

HD-DVD is dead, long live HD-DVD


With the recent mass defection from the HD-DVD camp to Sony's BluRay it has been only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped - hardware support. After the defections Toshiba started flogging their players for half what they were before Xmas, even with a bunch of movies thrown in for free, which was a very obvious sign of desperation. Sure enough, today Toshiba announced a halt of development of new HD-DVD hardware, and the other manufacturers can't be far behind. So, so long HD-DVD, it's been good.

One hidden boon of the announcement - HD-DVD players and discs should become very cheap as people start to off-load their gear to migrate to BluRay, and yes, I'm thinking of you, Serenity.


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