'Airborne' cold remedy is a big fraud


The company that makes the Airborne "cold remedy" received the mighty slap of justice when they had to settle a court case brought by dissatisfied customers due to their products' "clinical trials" lacking both the "trial" and the "clinical" parts. In other words, their products are nothing more than snake oil. Good to know.

Congrats to Glen and Markéta


untitled.jpgHuge congratulations to Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová for rightly winning the Oscar for Best Original Song for Falling Slowly from the movie Once. Beautiful song, wonderful movie, and rightfully deserving. Their performance on the night was great, and their acceptance speeches demonstrated their honesty as people and integrity as artists - I loved it how Glen's first action was to turn around to hug his mum :-) Again, congrats to both.

Trying out ZigVersion


For the past two years I've been using SmartSVN as my graphical subversion tool of choice on OSX, mainly because it seemed more feature rich and stable than the others. On the MacPro with 3gig of RAM I used to have at work it was great, I didn't notice the bloat associated with its Java foundation, but on my current 1.33ghz PowerBook with only 1.2gb of RAM the bloat really is noticeable - it can take easily use more virtual memory than anything else running (about 700mb is typical), and take longer to become active again when swapping between apps. So after a quick look at similar tools again I've decided to try out ZigVersion, a native C application which makes it much faster. While the workflow is definitely different, it seems pretty good so far, though it's early days yet. I'll let you know how it goes.

Floridians & journos still ignorant over scientific terms & concepts


Florida's government's ruling that evolution is a scientific theory, as part of a broad-spectrum updating of the state's educational standards, highlights just how ignorant the populace as a whole is of scientific terms and concepts. As mentioned before, a scientific theory is different to what most people think as a "theory", and as such evolution fits the term "scientific theory perfectly - remember that there are gaps in the theory which is why it hasn't become a scientific law yet, unlike the law of gravity or the laws of thermodynamics. So, proponents of evolution who complain that evolution is a "fact" need to re-read their science 101 text books, and the people who believe evolution is incorrect need to a) get their heads out of their posteriors and b) accept that just because they can't understand it or it wasn't in a 2000 year old story anthology doesn't mean it isn't true.


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