Had lots of fun at ORUG, prese...

Had lots of fun at ORUG, presentation went well, will have to brainstorm for another one :)

On cup #2 of hot honey + lemon...

On cup #2 of hot honey + lemon, looking forward to preparing the presentation for ORUG tonight.. and buying decongestants.

Cleanly install RMagick on OSX Leopard


Apple's latest Mac OSX release, 10.5, dubbed "Leopard", does a great job to remedy the problem Rails developers had with previous releases - Ruby is now installed and works correctly, with Rails and a whole bunch of other common gems installed too. Awesome stuff. The one thing they missed, however, was the graphics manipulation package RMagick, but thankfully OnRails.org has put together a tutorial for installing RMagick that covers everything needed to get it working.


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