That's not a spider over your head, it's a... kitten!


My #awesomewife was sitting in her chair while I was feeing Kian his nighttime snack, when she yelped and looked up. I looked over to her to see what the matter was, then followed her stare expecting to see a huge spider, only to find.. one of the kittens crawling along the curtain rail. I should mention that this is eight feet off the ground. And yes, I had to play firefighter and get the kitten down out of the tree, as he wasn't able to get down on his own. Hopefully climbing up there won't become a new plaything, because he won't be 5lbs all his life ;)

Three positive things, day fifty


So that was another Wednesday.

The first positive thing was getting to our local monthly Drupal group again. We had a nice turnout today - seven attendees (might have been eight, only I forgot to tell someone).

The second positive thing was Kian picking up two Lego Duplo cows and saying "two cow"! Not "I have cows", specifically "two cows" :-) I thought that was pretty cool.

The third positive thing was... this is the fiftieth post in this series! Woohoo! Lets roll on to 100!

Three positive things, day forty nine


Tuesday is my ... Tuesday?

The first positive thing was starting to sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair to help with my posture. It went pretty well, except for when Kian went rolling off with it - I said something like "Kian, please put the ball back at my desk" to which he responded - "no, baby ball." :-D Well, I laughed anyway.

The second positive thing was Liam doing something around the kitchen counter - I forget what, that part doesn't matter. So he asked if we had Dunkin Donuts food, because he thought he smelled it. As he was standing right beside the garbage can his mom asked if that meant that the garbage smelled like Dunkin Donuts, to which I asked if that meant that Dunkin Donuts smelled like garbage? LOL. They laughed :)

The third positive thing was my weekly ukulele class, which is always a great time :)

Three positive things, day forty eight


So, how was your Monday?

The first positive thing was.. going to the dentist? He's a really nice guy, he jokes around with the customers & staff, and he fills these holes in my teeth with a plant-based goo that solidifies via UV light. Neat.

The second positive happened when we were having dinner. Kian had some food from his mom's plate but they'd finished everything on her plate. I motioned that I'd get some from the kitchen, my awesomewife asked Kian if he wanted some more potatoes and said.. "Daddy's potatoes?" and he immediately turned around and looked at my plate with this hungry stare - I couldn't do anything but laugh :-)

The third positive thing was doing Drupal training with our friend and my #awesomewife again. Tonight we quietly dipped our toes into content architecture via content tagging.

Three positive things, day forty seven


That was a quiet Sunday.

The first positive thing was Kian carrying around a triceratops toy and saying "I got dino!" :)

The second positive thing was just having a quiet day at home with the family - we I made oatmeal for breakfast, we had leftovers for lunch, then chicken tikka masala for dinner, and along the way I introduced the family to the hilarious Catlateral Damage game. We didn't make it to a park or anything because the weather was threatening thunderstorms all day, though they never showed up, but it was nice to just have a day doing (almost) nothing.

The third positive thing was my #awesomewife making a surprise low-carb, nut-heavy zucchini bread from a giant zucchini a friend gave us from her garden.


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