"I've got nothing to hide, I don't mind if the NSA snoop on me" [updated 2x]


Read this article if you still believe you've nothing to hide so you don't mind if the NSA and the US government snoop on you.

Update: The Suffolk County (NY) Police Department have released a statement saying that they investigated the people in the story because of a tip-off by a local company that an ex-employee had been googling for "pressure cooker bombs" and "backpacks" while at work, theoretically concerned the now ex-employee was going to go postal using the knowledge gained from searching online while at work. Because that's how crazy people do it. Allegedly.

Updated again: The family have responded to the police report, basically that the information they were given, and the wife's original story as referenced by the article above, is different to what the police are now saying.

Great article on breastfeeding in Mongolia


This is a great article written by a woman from Canada on the different views & habits towards breastfeeding between her home of Canada and Mongolia where she lived for three years. I must admit that my wife's breastfeeding of our now three children mirrors some of the Mongolian practices - almost continuous feeding for several months ("grazing", as my wife calls it), breastfeeding on-demand rather than by a clock, still giving most of the baby's nourishment until about 12-15 months old, and continuing for several years afterwards. Good stuff! (via @jenreidreads)

Need a role model for your daughter(s)? Try Tracy Caldwell Dyson!


If you're looking for an amazing role model for your daughter(s) and Angie Byron & the other amazing ladies in the Drupal community isn't enough for you or isn't quite your style, you should consider Tracy Caldwell Dyson who, on top of being an astronaut with 22 hours of EVA time during her six months on the International Space Station, she's an accomplished engineer, private pilot and singer in an all-astronaut band. (via @chx)


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