Yes, the holocaust *is* still taught in German schools


Not sure why I remembered this tonight, but some people in the USA believe that the holocaust is not taught in German schools out of misplaced political correctness. I don't remember who it was I was talking with, but it was being argued that children were no longer taught about it as it was too sensitive, too embarrassing of an issue, that it was being swept under the rug and was becoming a taboo topic not to be discussed.

Just like the tales of the earth being only 6,000 years old, this is completely false. Children are taught all about what happened during WW2 from the age of about 12, and most of them have field trips to visit concentration camps.

For more details, try the following:

Please sign petition to block Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger


The two largest cable companies in the US, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, want to merge. Please take a look at the petition and sign it.

Here's what I submitted on the form:

As a long-time customer of TWC, the fact that they are being bought / merging with Comcast horrifies me. This will create one of the largest cable companies in the world, one of the largest internet providers in the country, and one of the largest controllers over access to content the world has seen. Couple this with with the recent net neutrality ruling, and the combined company will be in a position to strangle internet companies, hurting customers, hurting freedom of speech, hurting competitors, hurting innovation and hurting jobs. Please block this merger.

-13'F at 1:30am - ccccccold!


This is one of the coldest nights we've has since we moved back to Keene, NH in 2011, with Accuweather saying the current temperature is -13'F. Thankfully, between the wood stove and the insulation we installed this Fall, the living room is at 71'F as I'm hitting the hay. I'll have to check it in a few hours, but it should hold the heat for a few hours.


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