Free "zip" program


If you're sick of the nagging popups from using Winzip or something similar you might like to try FilZip. Its completely free and has some nice features. Because I'm (once again) in charge of workstation management at work I'm going to have us standardize on this instead of WinZip. Give it a try.

Simple & free image editor


More software for this evening. This time it's a free image/photo editor. It doesn't do everything under the sun, that's what Photoshop is for, but for people who want to do touch-ups and other simple things this one could be great.

Giving a short talk


On Tuesday the 12th I agreed to embarass myself in front of a group of people for my art. I'm giving a quick talk on Fusebox a web development code framework I've mentioned before. It's going to be short and hopefully not too boring.


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