Veritas/Symantec flooded!

Yesterday I was on the phone with the software company Veritas (recently bought by Symantec) and their phone system mentioned flooding causing technical problems thus delays. Turns out that its the major Maharashtra floods that was affecting them! Yikes!

Happy SysAdmin day

Today is the day when we celebrate that rare of species, systems administrators, the one day a year when it is encouraged to be nice to the people who say "sorry but you do have to use a login password" and "no, it is not our policy to let you take home computers, even if your five-year-old is a whiz with them". So, be nice to them us, we're all that stops you from certain doom the first time you delete an email that you really, really wanted. So happy systems administration day, my fellow freaks! :-)

Mind-bending game!


Here's an awesome yet extremely simple game. All you have to do is move around a series of connected dots so that none of the lines are overlapping. Sounds easy? Well, it gets very hard very quickly. Worth wasting an hour on :)


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