v2 is out!


A day for celebration, v2 has finally finished its six months of simmering time and is ready for consumption. It's a large download (75mb) so definitely don't try getting it if you have a modem connection to the net, but the rest of you should definitely give it a shot.

FYI is a completely free replacement for Microsoft Office that is really quite easy to use, has an open file format (meaning you'll still be able to read your files in ten years) and doesn't restrict you to only using Windows so you can use it on Linux or other OSes.

Data backups are large!


I just finished compiling the list of files I want to backup on our tape drive - 37gig! Good thing that we got a 35/70gig drive or it'd have never all fit!

Intel sucks


I've said it before and I'll said it again, aside from having larger manufacturing facilities, Intel is pretty bad these days in comparison to AMD. Their latest high-end processor is the dual core Xeon and is so hot that it could bake a turkey, all while being slower and more expensive than AMD's best.

Longer term, while Intel struggles with retrofitting their ten year old Pentium Pro design again, AMD are working on turning the entire 32bit x86 instruction set into a virtual chip inside their 64bit core. Sorry, Intel, you suck!


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