mod_rails 2 RC is out, get it!


Anyone who does Ruby on Rails development should familiarize themselves with mod_rails aka Phusion Passenger as the brand new v2 RC is just amazing. Just take a look at those improvements: from buffered uploads so apps don't get stuck, to a tremendous reduction in the memory usage, Rack and WSGI support (yeah, it can run Python apps!), improved startup time... it's everything Rails needs to cross that last hurdle of acceptance with people who didn't like the deployment requirements for Mongrel et al. Awesome stuff!

Mac OSX 10.5.3 fixes some network weirdness


The just-released OSX 10.5.3 finally fixes a weird network problem that many Mac users have been experiencing since starting to use Leopard - some network-based tasks were taking insane amounts of time, e.g. connecting via SSH to remote machines, etc. One of the more unusual effects of this caused the multi-service instant messaging program Adium to not reliably connect to the MSN Messenger service. So good news for Mac users everywhere.

Yes, we have no bananas!


It seems that the common household banana is potentially heading for disaster. Apparently a fungus has been working its way through the crops of Malaysia and is threatening crops world-wide. A key part of the problem is that our current banana variety, the Cavendish, is not able to reproduce on its own, to grow a new banana plant you take a shoot off the plant itself because the bananas themselves are seedless (a pic of a seeded banana, for comparison). Further complications are that it is possible the fungus will spread to other varieties, including one used in Africa as a staple, which where my concern comes in - this is setting up to be very much a repetition of the mid 1800's Irish famine which caused the deaths of millions of people. :,-(


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