How to migrate from cvs to git


Something that I've seen with several older projects lately is a desire to upgrade from their aging cvs repositories to something better. Today, if you've read my blog lately at all, you might be able to guess that git has become the r.c.s. du jour, and it's really, really awesome too. So you should use it.

So how to move from cvs to git? Well, amusingly for that I've got a suggestion.

Instead of going straight to git, go to subversion as a stopping off point at the server level. One key reason I recommend this is that many developers (or managers) aren't yet ready to deal with git's command-line tools while there are lots of really great graphical svn tools on Windows, like TortoiseSVN. Then, when there's TortoiseGIT available you could migrate up to git with very little work.

To do this you'll use the excellent cvs2svn, and take a look at O'Reilly's excellent cvs2svn tutorial if you need detailed help.

Then, once you get svn going as your central repository you can use git-svn to locally interact with it and to have all of the usual git gravy - create local branches, use gitosis and gitjour to directly share your code with others, all while keeping the less technically savvy users happy with their point-and-click GUI tools.

So go git yourself into the 21st century!

Moribund the Burgermeister?


In the same album that Peter Gabriel has one of the greatest songs ever written, Solsbury Hill, he also has this weird song called Moribund the Burgermeister (lyrics). Apparently the song is about a disease called chorea, which caused involuntary motions akin to a weird dance, during which people would pray to St Vitus for aid because it was believed the sufferers were possessed, thus it became known as St Vitus' Dance. Yowzers.

OfficeTime is on sale


The excellent time tracking app OfficeTime is on sale today at MacUpdate Promo. I had actually considered buying it two weeks ago when I needed a time tracking app but went with On The Job instead as it was half of the other tool's price. In typical fashion I've since wished I had OfficeTime due to the increased functionality but am now stuck with On The Job. Doh.


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