git-svn *does* work on Windows!


Huge thanks to the msysgit team for their hard work, because after some testing I've discovered that their git/git-svn port does work, whereas trying to get it working under Cygwin is a quite broken right now. Got git it!

Note: You need to get the Git-1.5.5-preview20080413.exe release if you want to try git-svn, the Git- release has a broken git-svn.

Requiem for a Dream

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If you get a chance I thoroughly recommend the movie Requiem for a Dream, which you can watch online for free. It's an Oscar-nominated story of four people who become too heavily involved with and ultimately pay dearly for their growing addictions. All four main parts are played extraordinarily well, you are easily sucked into their stories, and it becomes more upsetting to see them loose control over their lives and loose sight of their dreams through their addictions, wishing that they'd see that making this one decision they'd start to recover.. At two hours long there are several disturbing parts, especially towards the climax , but it is worth sticking through to the end.



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