Removed all traces of Facebook from this site


I've removed all traces of Facebook from the site after reading a rather interesting article on how Facebook screws basically everyone who ever has a site with their system, or knows someone who does:

I've also removed the "share" buttons off the site, so now you'll have to manually copy & paste the URL. Sorry :p

On the other hand, the site should load a little faster now. Not sorry :p

Need help with (final?) release of Panels for Drupal 6


After more than two and a half years since the last release, we need some help putting together what might be the final release of Panels for Drupal 6:

There are several patches that are probably a-ok but they just need a final review before being committed, and your help with this would be very much appreciated. If we can get some help getting the existing patches to RTBC status, I've volunteered to join as a co-maintainer to do this release, just so the module can have a grand final exist.


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