Almost got the Highland Games


The local New World Celts and associated Celtic groups had their annual games over the weekend. Yesterday we decided to take a brake from the insanity and pop over for a while, only due to the overly apt weather (foggy, cold, damp) my asthma was going insane so I had to go home. My wife and kids had a great time, though, they met up with a friend of ours and her boyfriend (who's big in the NWC) so had company. There were lots of vendors selling tasty stuff, some of which made its way home - real scones, Viscount biscuits (only orange, there wasn't any mint), and a bottle of Lucozade - num! :-) Next year we'll hopefully all get to go, I'll have to see about bribing the weather reporters first..

Sometimes you just need to soa...

Sometimes you just need to soak in a hot bath.. and then spend the rest of the day asleep. Zzzzzzz....


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