May 2007

Rails on OSX tip: MySQL access

After wasting lots of time trying to get a database connecting to Rails on my MacPro at work I finally found the magic combination for MySQL.

  • Install MySQL.
  • Install the MySQL GUI Tools set.
  • Using the MySQL Administrator from the GUI Tools add a new user.
  • When adding permissions for the use set the hostname to be "(computername).local", e.g. "mymac.local".

It is that last part that had me pulling my hair out - using just "%" didn't work for me, it had to be "(computername).local". Silly thing.


Tip: Moving RedMine to another server, don't forget the files

This past week I moved an install of RedMine from one server to another, or rather I just moved the database over and checked out the SVN code again. After getting it going correctly I promptly forgot about the fact it was at a new location and just worked away on my assigned tasks. Well, as it turns out I'd completely forgotten about the uploaded files, which now wouldn't download anymore.


phpBB3 is almost here

phpBB, the open-source PHP forum application that seems to be responsible for more server security breaches than anything else, has hit a major milestone with the first release candidate of the forthcoming v3.0 release. In the v3 new features / improvements list it is good to see that security is highlighted as a core aspect of the improved version, so here's hoping it can get back its history as a running joke with web developers.


Automatically link Redmine tasks with Subversion code

Here's a really great feature of Redmine that I just love. When you are committing code changes in Subversion, if you enter an issue/task number preceeded by a pound sign, e.g. #42, when you view the repository in RedMine it will automatically link to the task number from the commit message. Very handy!


Samsung BlackJack or Blackberry Pearl? (UPDATED)

Any recommendation on which of the above phone to get? Our current carrier has them pretty cheap as refubs (I could get one for free by moving carrier, but that itself is complicated) and they're both tempting. The requirements I have are:

  • camera higher than VGA, preferably 2mp or more
  • PDA functionality - calendar, tasks, etc,
  • MP3 playback
  • Video playback of some sort

Things I don't need are:

Improve Redmine's client management options

Out of the box Redmine doesn't look like it has a lot of options for managing clients, but you'd be wrong - with a little customizing you can at least fake it. There are two parts to this - set up a new user group and add some custom fields for users.

The first step is to create a new user group called Client:


Web page attachments - download vs inline with ColdFusion

Here's a quick tip that'll help make life easier for anyone who's trying to use ColdFusion's CFCONTENT tag to send content to the browser. When you're sending a file to the web browser using CFCONTENT you can do it either as an inline file, i.e. the browser will probably try to display it, or you can send it as a file to be downloaded. The only problem is that to do the latter you can't do it with just the CFCONTENT tag, you first need to tell the browser that you're sending a file and then send it, for example:


ColdFusion 8 public beta chews bubblegum, takes names

The world's first real server-side scripting language, which seemed to get quiet in its v5-v6 days, is back with a vengeance with the new ColdFusion version 8. Currently available as a public beta and due for public sale in a few months, the new release has a tonne of new features to get web developers in a tizzy.


Microsoft drops key features from another product

In yet another astonishing move, Microsoft has just announced that it's upcoming virtualization system, Windows Server Virtualization, will be missing three of the key reasons businesses were anticipating it: live migrations of running virtual machines between servers, "hot" system resource upgrades (i.e. increase the amount of RAM designated to a VM while it is still running), and support for more than 16 CPU cores (spread over however many physical CPUs there happen to be).