Three positive things, day three


Hi. How are you? It's me. But you already know that.

So, today a few positive things happened.

First off, at lunchtime I was passing through the kitchen from one side to the other and I noticed Kian "asking" for some of his mom's lunch. He'd already had some of his food (he'd already gotten bored with it so flipped it to the floor) but his mom had one of his favorite foods - green beans! So I got a small fork from the cutlery drawer, picked up a green been and fed it to him, and he just beamed with contentment - he had a green bean! That smile as he chomped down on his cherished prize, a vegetable that we have a hard time getting his older brothers to eat, was just amazing :)

Secondly, after having lunch we let the kittens roam around our bedroom for a while. We've been keeping them in the upstairs bathroom, mostly for their own protection (Kian's a little rough with them, wants to carry them around like toys), so we brought them to the master bedroom to let them roam around. It was cool watching them scamper around, climb under and on top of things, and explore, with all of that frenzied kitten curiousity.

The third positive thing today was having Jen's best friend over for dinner, Drupal and discussion. She's someone we met within a few months of moving to NH and she has become a good friend to us both, and to Jen especially - they have lots of similarities, personality-wise, and they they could chat for hours, laughing for most of it. Yes, I'm slowly teaching her Drupal as a means of starting a new career, but it was just great to have her over. She also has a son close in age to our two eldest, so while we were chatting the three eldest boys (mostly) were paying. It was a great end to the day.