Three positive things, day four


So today was a little different - my wife took our kids on an adventure drive to some parks around Nashua while I worked on some things. There were still some highlights :)

The first item was watching a few rather surprising movies, specifically "Faults" and "The One I Love." Neither was what I was expecting, based upon the trailer, and kudos to Gavin Rothery for the recommendation on the latter.

The second item was a photo of the kids that #awesomewife took at one of the parks today - it was a great group shot and all three were just beaming :-)

The final item meeting a couple at a park that I suspect will become fast friends for us. They have a 3yo who gets on really well with Kian, they've both done lots of gaming (D&D, et al) in the past, and they also moved back to Keene after leaving the area for a while. And yes, one of them is considering learning Drupal, and she has some experience building websites before. Also, LOL. Anyway, I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more of them.